Stock Talk: F.A.A.N.G Stocks

I’ll let you in on a novice secret and tell you that it took me a month to figure out what in the world acronym meant- I was being lazy but I had a general idea. F.A.A.N.G is FB (Facebook), APPL (Apple), AMZN (Amazon), NFLX (Netflix), and GOOG (Google). If you enjoy investing in the technology sector, it is crucial that you choose one of these five for your stock portfolio because these are the top leading stocks in the market. According to, the combined market capitalization is over $3 Trillion. This power five also makes up 1% of the S&P 500 list. I put most of my investments into index funds, but it doesn’t hurt to have a few individual shares with a couple of these companies. Do you have any shares investing in F.A.A.N.G? Like & comment below!


Author: Black Tea

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