Stock Talk: Panic Selling

With the recent tariff troubles between U.S, China, and the typical New Year lows, it can be difficult to try not to panic sell. “Mrs. Market” is quick to tell you about the newest stocks to add to your retirement and the major sell-off in the month of February and March may have hurt your stock portfolio.

It is said that the average Bear market may descend to 28% and the average Bull market may ascend 130%. However, I cannot stress enough to you about how crucial it is to have your own set of rules.

I am apart of many investing groups and the difference between the common speculator and the seasoned investor is the seasoned investor is not quick to sell her/his securities. The seasoned investor is very patient, willing to wait until it is absolutely necessary to sell. In many cases, she/he will have a written strategy of the exact percentage that is customized to their portfolio.

Though I feel the market is still undergoing a correction (and it may be that way for quite some time), it’s very easy to lose money right now. Hold on tight and sell when absolutely have to.


Author: Black Tea

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