Beware of Phone Scammers

So you just filed your taxes and you got a reasonable amount of money back from federal and state taxes. Right when you were ready to plan your next vacation, you receive a call from the “IRS”, urgently demanding $5,000 in unpaid taxes! Ever received a call like this? These are special con artists and they successfully steal millions of dollars every year. Here a way you can spot a phone scammer.

Sense of Urgency

The urgent caller may tell you that if you hang up the phone or don’t pay within 24 hours they will have to take immediate legal action and call the authorities. You can report these callers to your local police, but if you haven’t received state warning letters in the mail this is something you don’t have to be concerned about.

Payment Options

Usually, these con artists will tell you that you need to pay buy submitting your personal information online and pay through a gift card (Apple Store, Grocery Gift card, Retail, etc.). They will tell you that paying through these options has been approved to act as a government bond.

Some of these clues are totally obvious, but when you on your lunch break in the middle of the day and receive and an urgent phone call from the “IRS”, it may catch you off guard. I’ve never been fooled this way, but I have had friends that have lost over $8,000 dollars. But lesson one too everyone, simply be a good citizen and simply pay your taxes!


Author: Black Tea

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