Is Kanye West REALLY Crazy?

There is a lot of uproar going on with Kanye West and his recent statement in his newest track released is making people question his sounds mind:

“I know Obama was Heaven sent, but ever since Trump won, it proved that I could be president.”

On TMZ 4/28/2017, Marlon Wayans was held in for an interview and called Kaye West,” A weird genius”. But is Kanye doing this for show or is he truly stating his own opinion?

And if he is the genius Marlon says he is, who are we to judge? As an African-American, my voting rights aline with the Republican party and I personally don’t think Kanye West is “crazy”, he has the right to state his own opinion. I think it’s quite bold of him to state his political views in lieu of his audience and his business.

Most celebrities remain in the safe-zone and lean more towards the millennial audience- always careful and never want to step on anyone’s toes.

On December 2016, Kanye West also reportedly met with President Trump at the Trump Tower during the President elect’s transition period. Perhaps Kanye respected him all along? Regardless of our opinions, let us understand that Kanye has always been bold in his beliefs (especially through his music). He is a genius, business mogul and philanthropist, who says he can’t state his own political views?


Author: Black Tea

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