Stock Talk: Is Social Media Helping the Markets?

I think this is a big YES. Social media plays a big part in the stock markets. One tweet notification can ascend stock prices to new records or plummet to terrible lows. Many investors use social media updates for day trading, swing trading, for trading with Cryptocurrency. Keeping updated on social media is crucial for the individual investor.

Large companies use social media for advertising and sharing important information to their shareholders. An instant phone notification is more effective than receiving a letter in the mail. Besides the fact that the F.A.A.N.G stocks thrive on social media, businesses simply won’t be able to thrive without it. This type of communication is easy and free!

Social media is a great place to find to get quality information, instantly. Get out there and network with other investors in the community.


Author: Black Tea

C.Jackson, creative writing and investor at Black Tea. Building a brand and social network community with investors and entrepreneurs.

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