Why You Hate Your Job

There are many reasons why people jump from job-to-job. You may be the nicest co-worker in the workplace; always the first to meetings and staying overtime to catch up on extra work. But why are you still down? Here are a few reasons why people can’t stand where they work and are always searching to the next job.

Stress Tolerance

I’ve known many people who have taken anxiety and sleep medication because of the stress level from their job. From large piles of paperwork to handling difficult clients, your overbearing workload may be reason why your job if taking a toll on your happiness.

Just because you are given the title of being a manager, it does not qualify you as having managing skills.

Micro-Managing Boss

Just because you are given the title of being a manager, it does not qualify you as having managing skills. In the workplace, everyone is being pressured by their corporate manager. The leaders of the company hold high expectations (including shareholders) every quarter and if it has to come to threatening your job to get the work done, they’ll do it. But realize that your boss may also be pressured and threatened to do his/her job, which may portray them as being insensitive or careless. Though everyone may have to fight to keep their salary, it’s not a great way to work under pressure.

Lack of Employee Appreciation

There are many people who are underpaid for what they do, but because their manager show them the special appreciation, they will work there for the rest of their lives. Wheather it’s a payday bonus or being nominated for the employee of the month, a little appreciation can go a long way. If you don’t recognize employees, they will feel undervalued and unappreciated.

Since 2016, the Beaure of Labor conducted a survey that the average work-stay was an average of 5 years or less. But it’s plain and simple, people are looking for a job with higher pay. GED or master’s degree, it’s not easy to work in an environment that is hostile or stressful. Find a way you can make work enjoyable for you and keep the workload tolerable.


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