Stock Markets Are Closed On The Weekends. Now What?

You would think with all of the technology we have today the stock markets would be open on the weekends. However, just like a regular 9am to 5pm weekday job, the market is closed because the high volatility is difficult to manage 8 days a week- people work at the markets and have a job just like we do. It’s a difficult job to manage and those who work on the market floors deserve a two-day break too (isn’t it stressful enough?). But what do traders do while anticipating the Monday morning break-in? They study, study and study!

Social Media Outlets

You’d be crazy if you don’t utilize social media for extensive information about the stock market. Social media platforms such as Twitter and Yahoo Finance, are great news resources to go in order to receive first-hand news about the market (including Black Tea *wink*).

Get In the Books

Intelligent investors may re-trace notes or read books on stock analysis to study chart trends in the market. Besides the fact that reading makes you intelligent altogether, investors love to read books by leading business moguls such as Warren Buffet, John Bogle, Benjamin Graham, and etc.

History Will Repeat Itself

Chart Reading

Speaking of chart trends, investors spend their time on the weekends to study chart trends and the markets’ performance. Though no one can predict the future, history will repeat itself. Using proper techniques and the right format for analysis, you can find trends of a bullish or bearish behavior and who knows…you may be able to save a few hundred dollars before the sell-off begins on Monday!


I’d like to leave this last due to the vast amount of videos there are on Youtube about investing. You may find good or misleading information about the markets on YouTube, but understand that most of the people starring in these videos are paid for their views and popularity. As well as inaccurate information, you can still get tread tips that may improve your investing career.

The weekends are great to re-coup from the high volatility and soaring emotions from the week. Understand that if you want to get accurate information on a stock or business, it’s best to go to the direct source. So don’t be bored or overwhelmed about what to do Monday. Spend your time wisely, sit back, study, relax, and enjoy the weekend!


Author: Black Tea

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