Stock Market Crash Cooming Soon!

Do you know why? It’s because YOU keep reading about it! Personally, I believe the more we read these type articles, there more likely a stock market crash bound to happen.

Stock analysts are paid to write about stock market trends and paid to gossip about what “will happen in the future”. First and foremost, you cannot predict the future, but if you can manipulate your audience, it most definitely will. You may be familiar with the quote, “What goes up, must come down”, this is true when it comes to investing in the stock market. But without high volatility, comes stagnant growth. And hey, that’s not entertaining is it?

As an investor, a vast majority of your information comes from the internet. It is an exceptional way to receive the best information, quickly. On the other hand, this can be detrimental to your portfolio. As advised by the famous business mogul and investor, Warren Buffett, sometimes it’s best to turn off the noise and don’t touch your stocks.

Turn Off the Noise and Don’t Touch Your Stocks

If you think about it, growth comes in hand with time. It takes time to build a stock portfolio as well as it taking time to grow a garden. You have to water it, de-weed it, and reinvest back into the soil you have taken care of. There will be moles and rabbits to eat your harvests, but if you prepare for the worst, you will not be shaken when the worst comes. No one can make that decision but you.


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