Snapchat’s New Updates to Revive the Brand

SNAP ($10.67, Snapchat) has been on the hot seat due to recent app updates. Losing a $1 billion dollars in market value, users are unsatisfied with the surprise changes made to the app since the beginning of the year. Though the stock has taken a hit of a -47.07% since 2017, there are many shareholders willing to hold, anticipating new app changes that will satisfy their customers. SNAP is planning to make corrections to satisfy their customers according to their likings, as well as starting a launch feature to accelerate media startups.

SNAP’s newest launchpad, Yellow, is a program created for aspiring entrepreneurs. The company will pick a select a group of individuals (worldwide) who will have a chance to win an entrepreneurial membership with the company. This mentorship-program will be investing $150,000 for equity in the company (on founder-friendly terms), advertising support, partnerships, attendance to networking events for the individual. Every entrepreneur will have their own creative office space in the main headquarters located in Venice, California. This will boost the individuals business venture as well as providing more promotion for SNAP.

SNAP is also redesigning their “Snap Map” feature – an app feature that will allow users to have creative GPS updates to where they are traveling to. This is another creative tool users can benefit from and communicate with others.

Many investors are not impressed with their decisions to proceed with the Yellow business venture due to their poor record of NIC (net income growth) of -569.41% since 2017 and poor free cash flow. Yet other investors are anticipating the new changes that will boost the companies popularity- the new updates that will reach new users and the entrepreneurial program that will boost the business of new business owners.


Author: Black Tea

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