Investing Secrets: Take His Free Advice

Many speculators take Warren Buffett’s advice for granted. He can say one word about a stock (good or bad) and without a moments notice, speculators flee to the stock to pump and dump their shares and try to gain a quick profit. Buffett has always promoted that investing is all about transferring the impatient, to the patient.

Investing is all about transferring the impatient to the patient.

If you find yourself stuck in your investing strategy, change it! Understand what may work for someone else, may not work for you. Instead of picking stocks to “make a quick buck”, visualize yourself as a very wealthy person (if you aren’t already) and picture hundreds of business owners waiting on your doorstep to pitch their business model to you.

Is the stock overbought?

Before you buy, what does the company have to offer to the public that can be used repeatedly? What are they selling? What are their financials like? Be wise about your investment choices and look in depth at the company you will be investing in. The worse thing you can do it quit and let fear take over. Study often, be patient and hold your investment for along a possible.


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