The One Thing Wealth Cannot Live Without

Besides the sole fact that we need money to live, the love of money will eventually kill you. In 2017, thirty million people were diagnosed with diabetes- yes, that’s 30 million (ages 18-44, calculated by the CDC). Many people tend to forget about the 1 thing that is required for having an exuberant amount of wealth, and that is health.

Wealth is nothing without health.

What is the point of having a loaded bank account to enjoy if you only have 1 month to live? Living fast and dying young is trendy to say, but life is best lived when you have the time to enjoy it. I wealthy person once told me that “Wealth is nothing without health. How can you live an adventurous life if you sick in bed all day?”

If you feel better, you will do better.

With adequate health, you will be able to function at your finest performance. Yet being healthy may require you to stop eating fast food or cutting out carbs and adding vegetables to your diet. What can you do today in order to improve your health? It’s a known fact that if you eat better, you will feel better. Life is shot enough, why not live every day in great health?


Author: Black Tea

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2 thoughts on “The One Thing Wealth Cannot Live Without”

  1. I wasn’t expecting health to be the answer, but it makes a lot of sense. If you aren’t healthy to enjoy the wealth you’ve accumulated was it really worth it?

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