Stock Investing 101: How Much Money Should I Invest?

If you’re new to investing in the stock market, it’s best to have a plan of what you want to invest in, how much money you want to invest and how long you want to keep that investment. It’s certainly okay to stash money away for retirement, but it may not be wise to place all of your money away into the stock market.

You don’t want to end up penniless.

It’s best to see a professional accountant first. They will help you sort out how much money to put away towards new investments. However, if you are ready to get started now, place as much as you like in the market as long as you have your personal finances organized and a separate savings account for emergencies. You don’t want to end up penniless but placing all of your eggs in one basket.

Educate yourself before you begin.

Many investors receive the best advice from reading self-help finance books and associating with experienced investors. Educate yourself before you begin- you want to invest to make money, not lose it. There is no set amount to put away into the stock market. The question is to know why you chose to invest, and when you invest in a security, take ownership and understand why you chose to do so.

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Closing Disclaimer:

I am not a certified professional, nor responsible for any of your gains or loses. I’m simply a passionate stock investor who loves to share my experience with other women/men who want to learn general information about the market. May I encourage you to study and evaluate before you make any purchase or sale in the stock market.


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