Nexstar Media Groups (NXST) Takes Action

NXST (Nexstar Media Group, $75.35) is one of the nation’s largest media broadcasting company based in Irving, TX. With a market cap. of 3.40 billion dollars, NXST is particularly loved by buy-and-hold investors.

NXST operates over 171 television stations across the United States and made a recent acquisition in 2017 of LKQD technologies for $90 million– a leading independent advertising infrastructure corporation. LKQD is a top performer in video advertising and reaches million of people through mobile phone advertising, tv advertising, etc.

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With a fair GPR (gross profit margin) of 57% and a consistent dividend history, some investors believe NXST has more to grow from their low p/e ratio 6.936. Their projected stock price in one year is $95.00.

Neuberger Berman Genisis is the largest mutual fund holder of NXST and analyst are claiming this is a great time to buy if the investor is looking to have holdings in the consumer cyclical sector.

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