5 Luxury Cars You May Not Want

Luxury cars are beautiful and a high-end vehicle can say a lot about the driver. Yet, many car buyers tend to forget about the depreciation and long-term value of the car. By all means, spend the cash to get the car you deserve, but look twice before you purchase these models because they are the top five depreciating cars on the market.

  • BMW 5 Series– By 52.6%. A BMW has been known as the most depreciating car on the market. From your normal maintenance payments over $1,000 to its long list of poor technical and safety features, you better off buying a TSLA (Tesla,$357.00) who is also on the hot seat as we speak (no pun intended).
  • Volkswagen PassatBy 50.7%. Surprisingly, Volkswagen’s most loved car drops quickly in depreciation. Though there are many mechanic complaints, that doesn’t stop the consistent sales and demand for this model.
  • Mercedes-Benz E-Class– By 49.9%. If you bought this car, you either bought it for the lifestyle brand or because you can actually afford it (along with the low gas mileage).
  • BMW 3 Series- By 49.8%. BMW back on the list for an as 4th place in the most depreciated car. This smaller model has the same complaints as the 5 series, along with the poor gas mileage and high maintenance.

These evaluations were issued by iSeeCars to analyze models with the greatest loss in value after three years. This study has opened the eyes to investors who invest in the automotive industry as well as future first-time car buyers. So the next time you’re looking into a new car purchase, keep in mind of the quality and functionality and how it will fit into your lifestyle.

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Information Obtained: iSeeCars.com, KellyBlueBook.com


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