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Well, I hope you’re ready for this because it’s happening and driverless are the future- I suppose this will give us the liberty to “text & drive” again.

A particular company that caught my eye is Waymo, a company owned by GOOGL or GOOG (Alphabet$1,155.18), same company, different voting rights. Besides their corny advertisements of family safety, Waymo started their studies in 2009 and has reached over 4 million self-driven miles from their vehicles on public roads.

Photo of Waymo’s popular Christlyer model.

Alphabet holds some of the world’s leading technology, shareholders are mindful of their decrease in R&D costs from 34% to 30% (2014 to 2017)- very impressive.

You can find out more information on their driving history and models at

But GOOGL isn’t the only company with all of the cool technology, according to Motley Fool, INTC (Intel, $51.12) swiftly bought Mobileye for $15.7 billion in 2017. Mobileye was once partnered with TSLA (Tesla, $331.00), but now TSLA is now operating their own driverless technology (and we see how that’s been working out for them).

In early June 2018, Telsa recently caught on fire on its own. Poor Tesla.

Will these costs be affected in the future? Investors are looking for properly managed financial statements and adequate company acquisitions/mergers to keep these companies ahead. It’s a fact that driverless cars are the future, but who will be the largest and leading operator of this technology?

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