What are $Cashtags?

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Similar to the “#Hashtag”, a $Cashtag is a simple feature you can use to search stocks or business information on social media.
*Square has started a new feature with paying through a $Cashtag, but we will not be discussing this today.

The $Cashtag was started by (2013) to tag useful investment research on businesses in the stock market. Though the $Cashtag was later adopted by Twitter, you can search for a business by placing a dollar sign before a stock symbol.

For example, instead of searching “General Electric” or “#GeneralElectric, you can instead search $GE. StockTwits and Twitter and currently the only two websites that actively use this feature.

(Screenshot of a $Cashtag on Twitter) In Chronological Order

(Screenshot of $AAPL cashtag on StockTwits)

Trending $Cashtags are $AAPL (Apple Inc.), $TSLA (Tesla), $GE (General Electric), and $NFLX (Netflix). #Hashtags are very popular and you can still use them to search for new product information such as “#iPhone” or any #(search term). Yet the $Cashtag is often forgotten amongst investors, don’t forget to take advantage of this powerful investment tool.

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Information Obtained:, book “Social Media Strategies for Investing” by Brian D.Edgar.


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