6 Mistakes Your Making When You Go Out in Public

Being polite won’t cost you anything, yet when it comes to strangers we may lower the priority beacuse we are “busy” minding our own business. Let me queue you in on a few common courtesies we all may forget from time-to-time when we are out in public.


If you run into a friend in public or speak to someone at the cash register, it’s polite to take off your sunglasses while speaking to them. People will pay close attention to what you say when they have a clear look at you.

Dress Attire

Yes, if you want to be respected you have to dress like it. Even if you’re picking up a few items at the 95 cent store, people will treat you differently when you aren’t wearing holes in your clothes and bonnets on your head.

The Door

Hold the door open for the person behind you, it’s always polite to hold the door open for the next person. Pass the love along and wait patiently as they pass through.

Elevators, Escalators, and Hallways

Have you ever had an awkward moment trying to walk around somenone but ended up being in a dancing situation? They are funny, but it’s actually proper to walk on the right side of the aisle or hallway (same as driving). Also, to avoid running into someone at the elevator, give space when the door opens. And if you are inside and someone comes in, go ahead and ask what floor they need and ask how their day is going. It’s a great way to avoid the awkward elevator silence (it always creeps me out).

Body Odors

Please don’t share them, for you may smell worse than you think. If you’re coming from the gym and need to pick up some healthy snacks from the store, go ahead and spray some perfume on or shop ahead of time. You may look good, but the smell may be terrible and if you happen to meet someone attractive or have a conversation with someone, don’t be surprised if they are anxious to cut the conversation short. Just play safe and head home or take a shower at the gym.


Save the curse words for your private space.

Unfortunately, I am guilty of all of these. But because we all want to be treated with respect, we should respect others. Yet, if someons slam the door in your face or push past you, don’t get mad and let it ruin your day. That person may be going through chronic depression or may have had just received news that a loved one died and trying to figure out if their life is worth living (you never know what people go through). Give without expecting something in return, you may have just made someones day through common courtesy.


Author: Black Tea

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