5 High-Yield Dividend Stocks You Might Love

Some of the top 5 high-yield dividends on the market.


If you enjoy dividends, you may enjoy some of these stocks listed below.

CTL (Century Link, $18.66), a telecommunications corporation, currently has a yield of 11.51%. This company holds a consistent dividend history and at this time pays $0.54 cents on a quarterly basis. Last effective date 6/4/18.

T (AT&T, $30.94), another large telecommunications company, has a dividend yield of 6.43%. Analyst currently recommends this stock as a Buy for investors who enjoy long-term dividend investments. T has a cash payout about of $0.50 cents paid quarterly. Last effective date 6/1/18.

KDP (Keurig, Dr.Pepper Inc., $24.47) at this time has a dividend yield of 9.44%. KDP has an annual dividend payout and pays over 50% or their earnings out to shareholder dividends. Many investors don’t like their decision, yet dividend investors may benefit from this dividend to increase their dividend profits. KDP is paying a hefty dividend of $103.75 to their shareholders from the recent acquisition of Keurig. Last effective date 7/10/18.

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IEP (Icahn Enterprises LP, $76.68), a holding in consumer goods and automotive parts, has a dividend yield of 11.1% dividend yield with a payout of $1.75 paid quarterly. Last effective date 5/11/18.

VEDL (Vedanta Ltd, $12.53), a natural resource company, currently has a dividend yield of a whopping 21.61%. VEDL has a cash payout amount of $1.24 paid annually. Last effective date 7/10/18.

While many enjoy dividend investing, it requires study and understanding the total value of the business. Corporations may have hefty dividends, however, investors are always taking a look for progress in the corporation’s financials. If you are not familiar with the dividends, please consult with a professional stock advisor before doing so. Be responsible and invest at your own risk.

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