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The Christian Investor: Trust Issues

There is a time to make a move and there is a time to sit back and let God handle it all, but how to do we define the two? God is […]

The Christian Investor: Sweat Equity

I recall many times when I was working very hard on my networking business and there were days when I wanted to give up. I had no results even though I was […]

The Christian Investor: Diligence

The definition of diligence: is to be careful and persistent at work or effort. It says repeatedly in God’s work that he wants us to be diligent workers and to work unto […]

Why You Hate Your Job

There are many reasons why people jump from job-to-job. You may be the nicest co-worker in the workplace; always the first to meetings and staying overtime to catch up on extra work. […]

The Christian Investor: Dreams & Visions

I’ve noticed a vast growth of Christian entrepreneurs and investors, and I don’t think it’s a mistake. I truly believe that God wants more entrepreneurs working in their gifts and reaching to […]

Starbucks New Coffee on the Menu: Dirty Coffee

I’m not talking about Pike Place, I’m talking about last week when two black men entered into a Starbucks in Philadelphia and had been arrested for “trespassing”.These two men were waiting for […]

Is God Hearing Me?

This is a question I ask myself often. We always want to hear answers from God, but are we willing to take the time to hear what he has to say? Perhaps […]

Is “Tech Neck” Real?

So there is a rumor going around about an injury called “Tech Neck”. It’s developed when you are looking down at you phone for a long period of time and it creates a […]

4 Steps to Make 2018 the Best Year of Your Life

Do you see yourself going through the same routine every year? Are you tired of going through the motions and want a positive, yet permanent change this year? Below are four simple […]

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