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Musk’s Billionaire Problems

In 2017, California had their worst year ever in wildfires. Over 9,000 fires destroyed hundreds of homes, fires reaching across 1.2 million acres along with claimed losses over $9 billion dollars and […]


Why Do Companies Make Acquisitions?

Acquisitions and mergers are very important to big businesses. It helps their competitive advantage by keeping competitions low and company power high. But why are they so important? Being in control of […]

5 Tech Stocks You’re Not Thinking About

With AAPL (Apple, $193.46) Sitting in the center of attention of its market capital on the race for $1 trillion, there are a 5 major partnerships AAPL is paired with and if […]

Target’s Competitive Advantage

TGT (Target Corporation, $77.52) has redesigned their store layouts in specific states across America and is keeping their place in the race against AMZN (Amazon, $1,695.25). TGT has also maintained steady dividends […]


Investing Secrets: SGA Expenses

As investors, we are always mindful of SGA expenses. SGA is abbreviated for Selling, General, and Administrative categories on a company’s income statement. SGA expenses consist of payroll costs, management salaries, and […]

Cheap Stocks

I get it. Our economy is awful, we can barely hold a $1,000 emergency fund and investors have transferred from value investing to looking for something that will have our “bang for […]

Beat the Odds with Financial Statements

Many investors don’t care for reading financial statements because they are used to following trends. They will “pump and dump” into stocks to make money before the markets close. However, other investors […]

Snapchat’s New Updates to Revive the Brand

SNAP ($10.67, Snapchat) has been on the hot seat due to recent app updates. Losing a $1 billion dollars in market value, users are unsatisfied with the surprise changes made to the […]

Stock Market Crash Cooming Soon!

Do you know why? It’s because YOU keep reading about it! Personally, I believe the more we read these type articles, there more likely a stock market crash bound to happen. Stock […]

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