Stock Talk: Don’t You Lose Money?

One question I hear often when stocks come up in conversation: Don’t You Lose Money in the Stock Market?

This is one of many commonly asked concerns. I had this same impression many years ago, escpeciallly after what happened from our recent stock market crash. When it comes to stock investing, yes, you certainly can lose a lot of money.However, If you invest wisely, stocks can make millions for you.

Let’s say you had $1,000 aside from your emergency fund. Would you buy a Givenchy bag with that money or invest it into an agressive index fund? Let’s say you buy that goregrous bag. You sure will be stuntin’ for two seasons, but there is always something nicer out there and fashion is an ever-revolving industry. While you were busy keeping up with the Joneses, the other woman invested her $1,000 into and agressive index fund and made a 45% increase within’ six months (give or take).

It all depends on the individual, but consider looking at the value of stock investing. People lose money every day by overspending- not properly managing their finances, and buying on impulse. Yes, you can lose money in stocks, but you can also create more for your retirement.


Starbucks New Coffee on the Menu: Dirty Coffee

I’m not talking about Pike Place, I’m talking about last week when two black men entered into a Starbucks in Philadelphia and had been arrested for “trespassing”.These two men were waiting for a friend and weren’t even able to use the bathroom because they didn’t make a make a purchase. All sound too familiar? Right when I thought we had enough of the race war for 3 years, now I can’t get a Dirty Chai without thinking that there have been black men arrested for waiting for someone to meet them for a cup of coffee? At this point, I cannot put myself in the store managers shoes and think he was just “doing his job”. There are hundreds to thousands of people who meet at Starbucks daily for business meetings, non-profit and activists events, but why did it have to come to this?

Viewing the market performance, SBUX (Starbucks) hasn’t been a very profitable stock for me to invest in (in my opinion). Silimar to TGT (Target), SBUX is more of a lifestyle brand than anything. And from recent price cuts to overall performance, it’s a little boring for my portfolio- but to each their own.

This event was very unfortunate and I hope the CEO, Kevin Johnson, will make an effort to meet the two black men and apologize to them for what they were wrongfully, and publically accused of. But as for me, I’ll continue to stick to my local coffee shops.

Stock Talk: Why I Don’t Trade on Mondays

At this time in my life, I don’t work with any trades on Mondays. On mondays-being the first day of the week, the market changes very quickly within the first four hours in the morning. I’d much rather take my time to study the charts and make my move when market levels off (if that even happens).

With the markets I work in, I prefer to sell on Fridays since it is the last trading day of the week and many investors are buying. Have you ever heard of the quote, “Observe the masses and do the opposite”, well that quote certainly works in this field. Overall, do what you see fit for you and your finances. Don’t sell or buy on particular days because Mrs.Market tells you to. Sell or buy because you made that decision for yourself.

Stock Talk: The Defensive Investor

Personally, I see myself as a risk taker. I love to watch chart trends- buying at the right time and selling before the plunge down. I’ve done this last year with SKT (Tanger Factory Outlet Centers), GPRO (GoPro) and this year with AAPL (Apple) and made a decent return. But I’ve won the most by holding my securities in index funds.

I’m currently studying the book, The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. I enjoy how he shares the importance of being a defensive investor. The defensive investor makes her/his real money from owning and holding securities. Unlike a day trader, the defensive investor receives interest and dividends as the security increases in value.

Defensive investing is not only the best way but the safest way. In my opinion, the more you stick to your rules the better.

Stock Talk: Why Aren’t Black Women Investing?

It’s not that I don’t think we aren’t investing, it’s the fact that investing is not promoted in the African American community. Besides idols such as Daymond Jon from Shark Tank and Debra L. Lee, owner of B.E.T., there aren’t many black women (or people for that matter) that I know who are stock investors. Though to my surprise, there are a lot of black women who are real estate investors, why not stocks? Is it because it is a male-dominated community? Or perhaps we have been portrayed as the black single mother who only works from job to job?

Nonetheless, stock investing is taught because it is the choice of the individual. Regardless of your race or gender, stock investing is for everyone! Though this game is tough, it takes great knowledge and patience. All of the stock investors I know are wonderful people who are always willing to share great lessons from their mistakes. How did you find out about stock investing? Like and comment below!