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I am not a certified analyst, nor am I responsible for any of your financial gains or losses. Trading stocks can incur losses of the invested capital. All capital is at risk of being lost. This blog represents my personal strategies, view, and decisions which may not be appropriate for investors. Please use common sense or consult with a professional investment professional before investing your money. I am also not responsible for the comments posted by a reader of the contents of any linked websites.

Message to the Reader,

Hi there! Thank you for coming to Black Tea today. Wherever you presently are in your life, I hope you are thriving and not surviving. As for me, I’m so excited to share my passions with you- God, entrepreneurship, and investing.

My goal is to connect with you through my experiences and updates with the stock market- something I wish someone did for me when I started investing. Investing and entrepreneurship is a very challenging occupation, but it certainly has its rewards.

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-Mrs. C. Jackson