Netflix’s New Movie Producers, The Obamas?

As if presidency wasn’t challenging enough, America’s most loved power couple has decided to take on movie directing and join with NFLX (Netflix-NASDAQ) to cast their movies/TV shows. The Obama’s have signed […]


Stock Market Crash Cooming Soon!

Do you know why? It’s because YOU keep reading about it! Personally, I believe the more we read these type articles, there more likely a stock market crash bound to happen. Stock […]

Stock Markets Are Closed On The Weekends. Now What?

You would think with all of the technology we have today the stock markets would be open on the weekends. However, just like a regular 9am to 5pm weekday job, the market […]

Why You Hate Your Job

There are many reasons why people jump from job-to-job. You may be the nicest co-worker in the workplace; always the first to meetings and staying overtime to catch up on extra work. […]

Stock Talk: Age Investing with John Bogle

John C. Bogle, founder of The Vanguard Group. was very well known for his techniques using asset allocation with index funds by the appropriate age. Though the final decision respectfully concludes on […]

Characteristics of the Intelligent Investor

It’s easy to have a game plan, but if you’re not focused, you will be influenced to get off track from other’s opinions. Here are a few characteristics you can reflect on […]

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