The Christian Investor: Motives

As investors and entrepreneurs, we have to obtain the right motives behind everything we do. What is your core motive when you present your business opportunity or present a real estate deal […]


Quick Wrap Up: President Donald Trump and the PBMs

On 5/11/2018, President Donald Trump shared his plan to reduce pharmaceutical drug prices with the PBMs. “We’re very much eliminating the middlemen” he’s stated yesterday. But who are these middlemen (PBMs) exactly? […]

TSLA: Buy The Dip?

We are not even halfway through the year and it has already been a challenging 2018 for TSLA (Tesla)- it wouldn’t be fair to say the CEO, Elon Musk hasn’t contributed to […]

The Rise of ETFs

ETFs are very popular and some investors use them for day trading. And ETF is abbreviated for Exchange Traded Fund. Similar to Index funds, it’s a diversified collection of assets that trade […]

Stock Talk: Wal-Mart’s Money Moves

WMT (Wal-Mart) has been on the radar lately and they are making money moves in order to keep up with the AMZN (Amazon) giant. So far this year, WMT has spent over […]

The Christian Investor: Dreams & Visions

I’ve noticed a vast growth of Christian entrepreneurs and investors, and I don’t think it’s a mistake. I truly believe that God wants more entrepreneurs working in their gifts and reaching to […]

5 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Master

The hustle is real and there are a lot of entrepreneurs going about it the wrong way. Let’s jump right in on the 5 things every entrepreneur should master. 1. Be Punctual […]

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