5 High-Yield Dividend Stocks You Might Love

Some of the top 5 high-yield dividends on the market.


If you enjoy dividends, you may enjoy some of these stocks listed below.

CTL (Century Link, $18.66), a telecommunications corporation, currently has a yield of 11.51%. This company holds a consistent dividend history and at this time pays $0.54 cents on a quarterly basis. Last effective date 6/4/18.

T (AT&T, $30.94), another large telecommunications company, has a dividend yield of 6.43%. Analyst currently recommends this stock as a Buy for investors who enjoy long-term dividend investments. T has a cash payout about of $0.50 cents paid quarterly. Last effective date 6/1/18.

KDP (Keurig, Dr.Pepper Inc., $24.47) at this time has a dividend yield of 9.44%. KDP has an annual dividend payout and pays over 50% or their earnings out to shareholder dividends. Many investors don’t like their decision, yet dividend investors may benefit from this dividend to increase their dividend profits. KDP is paying a hefty dividend of $103.75 to their shareholders from the recent acquisition of Keurig. Last effective date 7/10/18.

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IEP (Icahn Enterprises LP, $76.68), a holding in consumer goods and automotive parts, has a dividend yield of 11.1% dividend yield with a payout of $1.75 paid quarterly. Last effective date 5/11/18.

VEDL (Vedanta Ltd, $12.53), a natural resource company, currently has a dividend yield of a whopping 21.61%. VEDL has a cash payout amount of $1.24 paid annually. Last effective date 7/10/18.

While many enjoy dividend investing, it requires study and understanding the total value of the business. Corporations may have hefty dividends, however, investors are always taking a look for progress in the corporation’s financials. If you are not familiar with the dividends, please consult with a professional stock advisor before doing so. Be responsible and invest at your own risk.

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Earnings Week: What To Look For In The Next Earnings Report

This is a big week in the stock market. Find out what to look for in the next in your company’s earnings report.

This week we are having some of the market’s biggest companies presenting their quarterly earnings reports. These billion dollar empires hold up most of the market’s value and investors have high expectations. Here are a few tips to remind you of what to look out for in your company’s report.


We all want rapid growth, but the companies that stand the longest have mastered discipline and consistency in every aspect of their corporation. Listen and look for consistent growth in production, financials, or even a decrease in liabilities.

Don’t let one bad quarter determine the value of a great company.

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Along with consistency, investors tend to look for stable growth. Whether you are looking for an increase in gross profit or an increase in production, listen and look for consistent growth from quarter-to-quarter. Yet, depending on the company’s competitive advantage, the company may have slower growth in this quarter from their recent quarters. Don’t let one bad quarter determine the value of a great company.Wheather you should continue to hold, sell, or buy more shares depends entirely on the individual investor.

Minor Details

Perhaps the company you love seems perfect! Too good to be true? Look in their filings to see if they have any unpaid taxes or read if the corporation has any pending lawsuits. Always pay attention to the minor details on the earnings reports (or calls). It’s typical for CEOs to say the wrong thing at the right time and drive down stock prices within minutes.

Earnings reports can be a pivotal moment for your investing journey. Contrast and compare from similar corporations. And if need be, refine your investing strategy. Buy low, sell high, and take your profits.

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Stock Investing 101: Should I Invest In Marijuana Stocks?

Do they belong in your stock portfolio?

Cannabis/Marijuana stocks have become increasingly popular since they have opened up in the stock market. This question is more opinionated than anything, but let’s see the long-term benefits of investing in cannabis stocks.

Some companies offer recreational cannabis while other companies focus on medical cannabis. According to Forbes, the international market for cannabis is projected to exceed over $30 billion in 2021. Cannabis stocks have turned the heads for investors for medical companies to embark on new medical inventions as well as more business for recreational businesses- as long as the government approves of course.

Screenshot graph from Wikipedia

There are 7 main uses for medical cannabis:

  • Chronic Pain Multiple Sclerosis
  • Nausea Epilepsy
  • Concussion Alzheimer’s Disease Bipolar Disorder

Speaking for those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, it was reported by Alz.org, in 2017, that 5.5 million people suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. Large pharmaceuticals are using medical cannabis as an aid for this disease and investors see great potential in revenues for these companies.

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While some investors tease the investing idea similar to investing in Bitcoin, the cannabis industry will eventually grow into a large empire. Yet, investors aren’t sure of the stability of the industry long-term and would much rather place their investment in more profitable sectors. All of this depends on the individual, yet look for innovation, value, and stability in your investments.

Some of the Top Cannabis Stocks:

CRBP (Corbus Pharmaceuticals)

GWPH (GW Pharmaceuticals)

INSY (Insy Therapeutics)

CBIS (Cannabis Science)

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Omnicom Group Inc: Show Me The Money

Will stock investors see better earnings next quarter?

OMC (Omnicom Group Inc., $70.24) is one of the world’s largest advertising, marketing and corporate communication services you can find today. Omnicom also has a healthcare marketing group knowns as Omnicom Health Group.

OMC didn’t beat their earnings last quarter and investors aren’t happy. The worst part is the company is still expecting a decrease in revenue in the next quarter. Investors are also concerned about the money spent with their recent acquisition of Elsevier’s Pharmacy Communication Group located overseas in Japan. This will make another year for less revenue.

(Screenshot from StockTwits Chart IQ)

Last year OMC’s net income decreased by 5.2%, or $60.2 million, SGA costs rose to $6.1 million, and the company confessed on their annual report that revenue decreased by $647.3 million (4.2%). There are a lot of expenses, but not much growth in earnings.

However, does this make Omnicom a bad company? Though investors are concerned about their expensive remodels and acquisitions, stock analysts are suggesting OMC as a Hold investment. A comment shared in their annual report to their investors,

We are driven by out clients’ continuous demand for more effective and efficient marketing activities, we strive to provide an extensive range of advertising, marketing and corporate communication services through various client-centric networks that are organized to meet objectives.

OMC is often compared with NXST (Nexstar Media Group), IPG (Interpublic Group), LAMR (Lamar Advertising Company), CCO (Clear Channel Outdoor) and MCMI (Nationa CineMedia). Yet, despite their poor earnings report, loyal shareholders are holding their investments.

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