How Entrepreneurs Handle Challenges & Rejection

Every entrepreneur deals with adversity in his or her journey to success. You have your own ideas and not everyone will agree with you. Whether you’re starting a networking business or opening a retail store, there is a better way to handle tough challenges and rejection.

Change Your Thinking


As entrepreneurs, we have to be flexible in every difficult situation. You can’t be dragged down when something doesn’t happen the way you envisioned. Challenges aren’t always a bad thing, challenged are good for you! They help you figure out problems and teach you how to get around difficult situations.
NEXT TIME: The next time a difficult situation arises, change your thinking from “I can’t…” to “How can I…“. When you think of how can you handle a situation, your mind immediately goes to work for you and think of ways you can handle the situation.

Remember Why You Started


You will receive it all of your life, get used to it. All entrepreneurs go through rejection because not everyone thinks the same, and that how it should be! You don’t want everyone to have your ideas, you just have to present them in a way people will like it. KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders was 40 years old when he started his business and was rejected 1,009 times before he found someone to buy his fried chicken recipe. But he pursued his dream because he was in love with his craft, and that’s all it takes.
NEXT TIME: The next time you come against rejection, remember why you started. Rejection isn’t a bad thing. Find out why you got rejected and if there was no reason, simply try again with a different approach.

Succesful entrepreneurs are at the top because they built tough skin to stand against rejection and difficult situations. Entrepreneurs are not average people, they are tough, smart, and have excellent communication skills. If you’re an entrepreneur, associate with like-minded individuals and find a mentor. Always be positive, teachable and look forward to the next opportunity.