Honest Book Review: The Intelligent Investor

Out of all of the books I’ve read about investing, this book is first-class.

Forwarded by John C. Bogle, Benjamin Graham shares the importance of value investing and the comparative difference between the average speculator and the intelligent investor.

If you’re new to stock investing, I would not recommend The Intelligent Investor to be your first book of choice. Before you read this book, you need to understand the fundamentals of the stock market and a general idea of how it operates.

In my humble opinion, I didn’t agree with Graham’s stock/bond ratio for the defensive investor stock portfolio. If found his ratio to be a little outdated and strict. But then again, I’m not Benjamin Graham (so I highlighted it anyways). On the other hand, Graham perfectly illustrates how to select a bargain stock, explains tax benefits ( see your tax accountant), and pattern changes in stock earnings and stock prices.

This book is perfect for those who want to strengthen their investing strategy. Since I’ve read this I’ve noticed a turnaround and stability in my portfolio. I changed my strategy and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. May I encourage you to add this spectacular book to your bookshelf to read and take notes from. Apply what you learn and invest with confidence.

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5 Tech Stocks You’re Not Thinking About

With AAPL (Apple, $193.46) Sitting in the center of attention of its market capital on the race for $1 trillion, there are a 5 major partnerships AAPL is paired with and if you don’t have investments with these, you might regret it later.

GE (General Electric, $13.76) has been on a depressing down-trend since February 2017, but that’s not stopped them from making great business partnerships. GE is a multinational conglomerate, paired with AAPL to increase their efficiency with energy, transportation, development, and healthcare.

Unlike GE, ACN (Accenture, $160.61) is a professional management and consulting firm based in Dublin, Ireland. ACN is partnered with AAPL to improve AAPL’s customer relations and iOS technology. ACN has also been growing and mostly is known for their digital and technology operation services.

An investor favorite, CSCO (Cisco, $43.65) is a world renown technology software corporation, hosted in the Silicon Valley in San Jose, California. CSCO is joined with AAPL for their iOS features, macOS, mobile apps features, and much more. CSCO helps AAPL with their digital product “essentials”.

International Business Machines, also known as IBM (IBM, $145.36) is not very popular, but they still stand as the largest computer company in the world. IBM is partnered with AAPL for their main cloud developer console and assisting with the production of AAPL’s mobile apps.

System Application and Products, also known as SAP SE, (SAP, $116.93) is a German software company that creates software to manage business operations and customer relations. With consistent growth, SAP is partnered with AAPL for fluid mobile transfers from AAPL’s products, location services, and production of AAPL’s Touch ID features. SAP has made great business decisions and is on the market growth for the past 5 years.

These 5 companies are a few of many proud partnerships AAPL loves and investors bet they will be advertised as the “best stocks” when AAPL makes their $1 trillion market capitalization. Though not all of these companies have a great history of financial performance, their partnership with AAPL may have been the best business decision they have ever made.



Target’s Competitive Advantage

TGT (Target Corporation, $77.52) has redesigned their store layouts in specific states across America and is keeping their place in the race against AMZN (Amazon, $1,695.25). TGT has also maintained steady dividends since 2013- currently 3.372 Div/Yield. Today they end at $77.52, reaching their 52-week high of $78.84. While some investors are planning to buy back in on bearish accounts, TGT has a couple upcoming features this summer you may be interested in.
This summer, TGT has teamed up with The Museum of Ice Cream of NY for a more “sweet” approach to their new kid’s clothing line, Art Class. “We want guests to experience a true sense of joy when they’re shopping at Target, and one way we do this is through partnerships we think they’ll love,” said Mark Tritton, executive vice president, and chief merchandising officer.
TGT has also revised their home essentials brand now called Made By Design, for a more minimalistic modern look. “Made By Design is the ultimate expression of our DNA—a commitment to the democratization of impeccable design,” says Tritton. Made By Design was made in mind for those establishing their new home, looking to add simplistic home items at an affordable price.
Some investors compare TGT as a lesser buy to their competitor COST (Costco, $196.75) as a more profitable brand that has a better competitive advantage. TGT has a strong retail lifestyle brand that keeps their customers happy and stays ahead with its brilliant marketing and cutting-edge clothing brands their customer are constantly looking for.


Stock Investing 101: How Much Money Should I Invest?

If you’re new to investing in the stock market, it’s best to have a plan of what you want to invest in, how much money you want to invest and how long you want to keep that investment. It’s certainly okay to stash money away for retirement, but it may not be wise to place all of your money away into the stock market.

You don’t want to end up penniless.

It’s best to see a professional accountant first. They will help you sort out how much money to put away towards new investments. However, if you are ready to get started now, place as much as you like in the market as long as you have your personal finances organized and a separate savings account for emergencies. You don’t want to end up penniless but placing all of your eggs in one basket.

Educate yourself before you begin.

Many investors receive the best advice from reading self-help finance books and associating with experienced investors. Educate yourself before you begin- you want to invest to make money, not lose it. There is no set amount to put away into the stock market. The question is to know why you chose to invest, and when you invest in a security, take ownership and understand why you chose to do so.

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Closing Disclaimer:

I am not a certified professional, nor responsible for any of your gains or loses. I’m simply a passionate stock investor who loves to share my experience with other women/men who want to learn general information about the market. May I encourage you to study and evaluate before you make any purchase or sale in the stock market.