Christmas Gifts for Stock Investors

It’s that special time of year and Christmas will be here before you know it. Perhaps you are shopping for a gift for your friend who loves investing, but what do you give them besides money? We have a few ideas for you that may make this holiday season extra special.

Books Or Magazine Subscriptions

From stock analysis to mind-tugging economy books, there is always a great book that hasn’t yet been read.

However, if the investor doesn’t prefer reading from books, perhaps he or she would prefer a business magazine subscription. Magazines give quick visuals and snippets about what is happening in the economy.

Top Selling Investing Books

Popular Investing Magazines (select highlighted links)

You can also visit


Stockpile is a stock brokerage app that allows you to purchase gift cards in the form of a physical gift card or e-gift card that can be used to buy ETFs (exchange-traded funds) or fractional stock shares. The gift card can only be used towards the brokerage (unless stocks sold and money transferred to his or her bank account). Yet, the brokerage has no monthly fees and provides an option for the investor to reinvest their dividends if they chose to do so. Stockpile has low trading fees and is easy to use for those new to stock investing.

To find out more, visit

Stock Certificate

A stock certificate is a formal certificate representing the ownership the holder, select amount of shares owned, identification number and signatures and company seal. You can get a certificate by asking the company’s investor relations department directly, a stock brokerage, or a company called Give-A-Share.

An image example stock certificate

Give-A-Share can provide professional framing for authentic stock certificates. For additional information, visit

Of course depending on what the investor wants it’s easy to ask, however, there is always something extra to give to make this holiday season extra special.

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