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Twist Bioscience: Investor Ready

  • TWST (Twist Bioscience Corp.) is set to have their first full year earning report today.

  • What are investors looking for?

  • Is it a buy in their competitive market?

TWST (Twist Bioscience Corp., $19.11) is a synthetic biology company that creates single-stranded and double-stranded DNA synthesis platforms to industrialize through biological engineering. The company also has a range of other products and services such as genetic testing, antibody library for drug discovery, and synthetic genes for cloning development.

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IPO (Initional Public Offering)

TWST opened it’s IPO on October 31st, 2018 with an opening share price of $14.00 in the NASDAQ Global Select Market. Despite the normal volatility of the new IPO, investors have their eye on TWST because healthcare related startups are currently in high demand

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According to, the global synthetic biology market is forecast to reach over $38 billion by the year 2020. Though this market is undergoing extensive research, TWST has opportunities to discover new treatments for genetic diseases, DNA storage, and genetic testing for early diagnosis. It’s apparent that there is plenty of expand for TWST to grow in the healthcare sector, however what does the company offer for it’s investors?

TWST currently delivers no dividends to its shareholders but is currently at a fair stock price under $20 (before opening bell of 12/19/18). With a 52-week high of $34.46 and low of $12.38, investors may have a buying opportunity if they are feeling lucky. There is a consensus EPS (earning per share) forecast of -$0.79 and regarding financials the company has plenty of debt. 

Earnings Report 12/19

The full year earnings report will be held today via conference call and audio webcast at 4:30pm eastern time. Financial results will be available for investors prior to the call on the company website at in “company” tab. You can listen to the call at (866) 688-0947 domestic or (409) 217-8781 international with conference ID 

Honest Opinion

In my opinion, I believe TWST has plenty of room to grow. DNA sequencing and genetic testing will be very popular towards 2020 and with commonly used brands such as AncestryDNA and 21andMe, TWST may have a chance to succeed long-term. Though the company is under a pending lawsuit from Agilent (A), I will be paying close attention to how they manage their profits and R&D (research and development) expenses in their earnings review. The company’s largest customers are Microsoft (MSFT), Illumnia (ILMN), Applied Materials (AMAT) and private company start-up Ginko Bioworks. If the individual investor is completely confident in his or her investment choice with this company, he she is neither right nor wrong.

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Closing Disclaimer:

I am not a certified professional, nor responsible for any of your gains or loses. I’m simply a passionate stock investor who loves to share my experience with other women/men who want to learn general information about the market. May I encourage you to study and evaluate before you make any purchase or sale in the stock market. We are a participant in the Amazon Affiliate Services LLC program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

Additional Disclaimer:

This blog is not a paid advertisement from any financial institution or the owners from Twist Bioscience and I was not paid prior to writing this post.

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Is Etsy Inc. Making Progress?

ETSY (Etsy Inc.,$42.43) is an e-commerce marketplace that caters to hand-made crafts and gifts for third parties to sell from. Similar to eBay (eBay Inc., $37.56), ETSY has made substantial growth the past few weeks and with a new management team, they are planning to make changes within the company.

Though some long-term investors are not amused by their history of high SGA costs, other investors see a bullish outlook on future gains. ETSY is reaching its 52 weeks high at $44.71.

(Chart screenshot from NASDAQ)

On June 14th, 2017, ETSY added to the revenue by raising their seller transaction fees from 3.5% to 5%. Shareholders are anticipating higher cash flow and more business from this decision. ETSY has also turned heads their way from opening their business to European markets- DaWanda, a company based in Germany. DaWanda is closing their business and passing their current customers to ETSY.

Investors compare ETSY to other, larger corporations such as eBay and Amazon Handmade (AMZN, $1,717.14 ), stock analysts are currently claiming ETSY as a buy.

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Bearish Behavior: How To React When Your Portfolio Is Plunging

New investors are always fearful of bear markets and usually end up with suicidal thoughts when they discover their “hot stocks” have plummeted. More bearish days are coming our way, but there are a few ways you can protect yourself from losing so much in a bearish market.


What is your investing strategy? Are you a Swing Trader, Day Trader or Buy-and-Hold Investor? If you actively trade, you cannot use the same strategy on bearish markets as you may do on bullish markets. Study chart trends and watch for resistance and support levels. Learn more about your investing style, don’t swing by what others are suggesting just because it’s a “hot stock” and they made an impressive profit.

What is your Risk-Tolerance?

Though you should have gotten this figured out before you started investing, determine how much your willing to lose. Perhaps you should balance your portfolio: create a stock/bond ratio or consider placing your funds in a managed fund. Keep in mind of the fees that are involved with (any) managed portfolios, yet this may save you the peace of mind when bearish markets come along. Growth may also be slower but look for consistency.


There are many investors out there who love to show you how much they profited on bull markets, but few investors show you how much they have lost altogether. May I encourage you not be easily influenced on what appears to look good. When you buy or sell, you are doing it for some kind of gain and at the end of the day, it’s your money on the line. Be wise and educate yourself. There are also many books that provide resourceful education on balanced portfolios and proper investing strategies to give you the best return possible in bull and bear markets. Read my recent book review here.

We cannot prevent bearish markets, we do have the power to manage our emotions. Considering setting a stop-loss, change your investing strategy or properly educate yourself before investing in the stock market. Plan, prepare and protect your portfolio.

Please see a professional concerning your investment portfolio. See About Me & Disclaimer for additional information about Black Tea.


The Christian Investor: Time To Be A Leader

If you want to be a leader or you’re already placed in a leadership role, take action and always be ready to serve people in the best way possible. There are many readings you can find in the bible about people taking leadership roles and how God helped them in a difficult situation. But there is a big difference in managing people and leading people. Five signs of successful leadership qualities are:

  • Generosity
  • Being Likable
  • Remembering everyone’s name
  • Showing others that you genuinely care
  • Focusing on people and looking at them in the eye when they are talking

Being a leader takes courage, discipline, and determination. You have the responsibility to serve others before you serve yourself. As is says in Galatians 6:9,

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Perhaps you’re not a CEO of a large corporation or manager of a firm, but God may want you to take a leadership role amongst your friends. As you draw closer to God this week, ask him in what ways you can have better leadership skills and how you can be a godly influence on others.

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value other above yourselves. – Philippians 2:3


I look for business in which I think I can predict what they’re going to look like in ten to fifteen years’ time. Take Wrigley’s chewing gum. I don’t think the Internet is going to change how people chew gum.


Cheap Stocks

I get it. Our economy is awful, we can barely hold a $1,000 emergency fund and investors have transferred from value investing to looking for something that will have our “bang for our buck” kind of deal. However, just because a stock is “cheap” doesn’t mean that is it necessarily a good buy. It may be best to hold on to your savings for the more expensive index funds stead of buying the penny stock.

Stop trying to get rich quick from the stock market, It won’t work in your favor.

There are many stocks you can find under $5 dollars, but keep in mind that the lower the dollar, the higher the volatility. Investors who ignore the company’s financials and selling product, only care about how much money they can make. Stop trying to get rich quick from the stock market, It won’t work in your favor.

Besides the fact you feel special holding 1,000 shares of a stock that can cost a little as $0.0032, what value does the company hold long-term? Wealthy investors don’t care about the price of the stock, they care about consistency. What is the company competitive advantage? What are their competitors and the amount of money they spend on research and development?

May I encourage you to look deeper into every company you are investing in. Your due diligence is the only way that makes each investment the right investment. Every investor is responsible for his or her gains and loses, so choose wisely.