Estee Lauder: The Kind Of Beauty That Lasts Forever

Is Estee Lauder (EL) a stock for you? Find out what analysts are saying.


  • Are you looking for a growth stock to add to your portfolio?
  • EL is leading the pack in the beauty and cosmetics industry.
  • Find out now if EL is the right stock for you.

EL (Estee Lauder Companies Inc.,$140.12) is one of the world’s largest corporations that leads with products in skincare, makeup, fragrances and hair products. Bringing in $13 billion this FY (fiscal year of 2018), the stock is currently rated as a “buy” or “hold” by stock analysts. But what makes EL stick out from other corporations?

Acquisitions, Mergers & Investments

EL has acquired some of America’s most popular cosmetic brands in 2016- Too Faced cosmetics, Kilian fragrances, and BECCA cosmetics.

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So far this year the company has bought over 500,000 shares through their share buyback program and recent dividend payment was $0.38 per share (last effective date 8/30/2018).

EL compared their long-term growth to the S&P market in their recent 10Q filing:

“The returns are calculated by assuming an investment of $100 in the Class A Common Stock and in each index on June 30, 2013.”

The company also seeks out other methods of advertising through sponsoring brand ambassadors on social media.

While some investors see EL as a long-term growth stock, others see opportunities for options trading. Regardless, shareholders are expecting growth every quarter.

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