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Johnson & Johnson: Damaged Forever?

Things aren’t looking good for Johnson and Johnson. What can we expect next?



Ford: Driving Back to Fourtune?

F (Ford $11.71) has made great company changes in order to sustain in the automotive industry. With a growing revenue of only 3.28% from 2017, many investors have mixed feelings about the […]

Cheap Stocks

I get it. Our economy is awful, we can barely hold a $1,000 emergency fund and investors have transferred from value investing to looking for something that will have our “bang for […]


App Review: Stash

Let’s talk about one of the newest innovative investing apps, Stash. Stash is a great micro-savings app that let’s you start investing will as little as $5. With visual categories, it gives […]

Tinder App’s New Competition: Facebook Dating

On Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018, CEO, Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s new feature they will be presenting to their customers, Facebook dating. This was announced at Facebook’s annual conference on Wednesday, but is […]


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